Salted Caramel Whiskey

Salted Caramel Whiskey

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Our gold medal winning Salted Caramel Whiskey has quickly become a local legend.  It has a smooth, sweet, caramel flavor with a clear whisky note and a hint of vanilla.

One of our most versatile spirits, it’s excellent chilled, straight up or on crushed ice. Great as a party shot or combine with our Dirty Cream or Crème Brulee.

Delicious over ice cream or add to vanilla milkshake.


  1. J Blake Walker

    Bought a bottle of this while in the area on vacation. My only regret is that I didn’t buy 12 of the salted Carmel. I’m going through this bottle rather quickly and everyone wants to try some. Please figure out how to sell this to us here in Indiana?

    • Michael Fraser

      We are working on it. Soon, 24 states will be able to order from a distributor in New York. Unfortunately Indiana isn’t one of them. Keep checking our Facebook page for the best updates and progress.

  2. Myra

    Searching Louisville KY for this, please tell me I can buy it here

    • Michael Fraser

      I’m sorry, but, we don’t have any retailers there. If Nashville area is an option for you, we do have many many retailers there.

      Feel free to contact me at and I will provide you with a list of retailers.

      Thank you,


  3. M Mills

    Had just a taste of a friend’s Salted Caramel and I REALLY WANT a bottle. I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. When will we be able to buy here?

  4. Donald McIntosh

    Best ever

  5. Janet

    This is awesome whisky. Amazing taste. Only wish we’d bought a case in Nashville to bring back to AZ.
    Is it available in Atlanta? Have a friend there now

    • Michael Fraser

      Unfortunately our product can only be shipped to licensed distributors, at this time. Hopefully within a few months that will change.

      You can keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on progress.

      Thank you,

      Mike F.
      Social Media Manager

  6. Kristy Crusan

    Got on the website to see how I could have it shipped because we only bought one bottle and as soon as I opened it I knew we were going to need more, so sad I can’t buy it online. Do you have any retailers in Michigan?

    • Michael Fraser

      As of right now, you can only purchase is Tennessee. Keep an eye on our Facebook though. I’m pretty sure that we will be able to ship to Michigan once that kicks in.


      Mike F.
      Social Media Manager

  7. Ronnie

    Walked in not expecting much then the man poured me a taste of this should have bought way more then just the one bottle. Great stuff ready to go back and get more.

  8. Erik webber

    Can you buy this Missouri

    • Justin Holeman

      Unfortunately not yet. We are getting closer to getting an online retailer, so you can get us shipped to your home! Keep an eye on our facebook page for the latest info!

  9. Eric M.Griffin

    I now have a new reason to come to the Great Smoky Mountains. I am so mad I didn’t buy a case of this whiskey and a bottle or two of a few other types. A must have in any liquor cabinet. Would love to be able to purchase in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

  10. Adam

    So i been drinking this since we got it in my area (Cheatham County Tn) and after 15 bottles or so of it my only complaint is i gotta go get more. This has a great smell to it comes in a cool bottle that makes you remember old westerns style bars. Taste wise there is a slight bite but goes down very very smoothly and after 2 or 3 shoots that bite is gone. I enjoy sipping on it straight not chilled no ice while relaxing. Only thing is be careful cause before you know it half a bottle is gone and you are felling pretty good at that point. Over all if you can get it or thinking about trying it DO IT. 10/10 from me

  11. Dick Bentlage

    Truly a great whisky; very close to tasting as good as Drambuie…even better/smoother. I’d buy at least 1/week if I could buy locally…Indiana or on line ? I’ve read other comments and I know Indiana will be one of your hardest markets to break, either local-dealer or even by internet, but I’ll keep looking/asking ! I don’t twitter/ keep me informed by e-mail…

  12. EILEEN

    Salted caramel is the bomb lived it can I order it in floids

  13. Bonnie H

    We stopped in Tennessee as a half way point for our trip to Myrtle Beach for a baseball tournament. We purchased 1 bottle and it was a huge hit with everyone. Now we are making another stop on our way back home to Wisconsin to pick up bottles for those who cannot stop!

  14. Jennifer

    I have never been a whiskey fan, but a friend asked me to sample this at his house. Amazing! So tasty and so many opportunities to add this to things. The flavor is perfect!

  15. Donna

    OMG! Read all these reviews and we feel the same way. We come to pigeon forge every year for business and and stumbled upon Tennessee Legend. Salted Caramel Whiskey is to die for and I’m not big on whiskey. This stuff is AWESOME and myself as well as the reviews before me – I wish i had bought a case, one bottle just wasn’t enough! Begging our local NJ distributor to bring it in!

  16. Tammy

    We went to the area in Oct. We sampled and brought back quite a variety of the areas whiskeys and shines. The Salted Caramel Whiskey was by far my favorite! My only regret was bringing back only ONE bottle of this one!

  17. Ericka

    When my son brought it home and I tasted it, it reminded me of the breakfast shot made with Jameson and butterscotch schnapps! Well never again do you need either of those for a breakfast shot!! It’s now a shot of the salted caramel then bite the bacon then a shot of oj 🙂 I’m making everyone try it!! I’m hooked. Thankful I live here in Nashville but taking it to my Texas family in two weeks!!!

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