Cinnamon Whiskey

Cinnamon Whiskey

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With its distinct, sharp, cinnamon flavor, this 60 proof cinnamon whiskey is definitely one of our best.

It tastes like the real ‘cinnamon’ candy and can ‘take your breath away’…


Serve chilled as a shot or on crushed ice, or add some to our Creme Brulee for a cinnamon roll!


  1. mary bauer

    my husband really likes it over rocks. I also tried it in Redds apple ale beer. i put a shot in it and wow want a flavor.

  2. Richard Pyburn

    Sample didn’t do it justice. Brought a bottle home and now going to drive from Columbus Georgia just to get some more

  3. N Rapp

    Bought the cinnamon whiskey. It is so good in apple cider or the local farm in Tennessee that’s an apple farm and makes unfiltered pure apple juice. Recently I found I also like it shaken with ice with about 6-8 oz apple cider, one shot glass of cinnamon whiskey and also one shot glass of baileys Irish cream. Yum! Wish I could buy more online though, as this still remains from a summer trip. Salted caramel would be awesome like this as well I think.

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